Our member organisations

Playgroup Australia is the peak and representative body for these state and territory organisations:

Each member organisation is independently managed as a standalone entity. Some member organisations have a highly diversified portfolio of early intervention and prevention programs and funding structures, while others predominately deliver the playgroup model through community playgroups.

Support for local playgroups

State and territory playgroup organisations:

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  • support parents/carers to establish a playgroup or link with existing groups
  • underwrite the risk and compliance accountabilities of local community playgroups through umbrella insurance coverage
  • ensure the quality of playgroup practice through provision of mentoring, research and policy advice and resourcing of members
  • broker relationships between playgroups and other agencies and services
  • advocate to respective state, territory and local governments and the wider community on early childhood and parenting matters
  • ensure access to specific knowledge, expertise and support as necessary for parents and carers, and
  • promote the playgroup model within remote, rural, urban and/or regional communities.

To find or start a local playgroup, visit your state or territory playgroup organisation on the links above or free call 1800 171 882.

“The dads enjoyed taking a break from the routines of home, and each secretly looked forward to a couple of hours of activity for the kids where we could participate as much or as little as we liked and we could talk about the football or the project we were building in our garage.”