Our vision and mission



To nurture young children, support and connect families and build stronger communities through high quality playgroups Australia wide.


All young children in Australia access playgroups supporting the wellbeing of families and strengthening their communities.


Playgroup Australia values:

The rights of children—support the UN convention of the rights of children with particular reference to the right of children to play and to live in an environment that is free from violence and the threat of violence and we acknowledge that principled, courageous and value-based leadership is essential to support the rights of children.

Reconciliation—we recognise the heritage and history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the need for action which advances reconciliation and justice for Indigenous Australians.

Community—we understand that a sense of community plays an important role in the development of children and families sense of connection, belonging and security and we value the strengths that individuals and families contribute to the wellbeing of their community.

Inclusiveness—we believe that diversity, including cultural and family diversity, contribute to a rich and vibrant society and so value and promote acceptance of diversity in our work with children and families.

Peer support—we believe that peer support is an integral part of the community playgroup experience allowing participants to share experience, learn from each other and feel connected.