Playgroup Australia

Playgroup Australia is a not-for-profit organisation, established in 1984 as the national representative body for playgroup organisations.

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Our Vision

Creating a village through play.

Our Mission

Playgroup Australia supports and connects the playgroup community.

We are the leading voice for families with children learning through play.

Creating a village through play.

At A Glance

Playgroup Australia is a Public Company Limited by Guarantee. The Members of Playgroup Australia are the playgroup organisations in each State and Territory. The Playgroup Australia Board is comprised of both State and Territory organisations linked directors and independent directors.

Our Values


We have a forward-looking approach to our work. We continually identify the changing needs of our villagers (stakeholders and community). The decisions we make today build a better village tomorrow.


We create a village that is welcoming, caring and respectful. Our organisation supports a diversity of people, ideas and beliefs. We are inclusive and recognise and embrace our differences.


We are an adaptive, innovative, purposeful team, responsive to our environment and open to change and growth and the needs of people around us.


We enjoy what we do and this reflects in the quality of our work. We take time out to celebrate our success. We are creative and innovative in all that we do.


Our village thrives when we collaborate with others to achieve common goals. We do this by working together, sharing knowledge, being transparent, communicating well, and learning together.

Supporting the community

Core Focus

Governance –Practicing excellence in corporate and federation governance.

Advocacy– Being a national voice and contributing to systemic change

Reach – raising awareness for playgroup.

Knowledge – Utilising an evidence-informed approach

Member services – Supporting, communicating and collaborating with our member organisations.

Business management – Ensuring the sustainability and viability of Playgroup Australia 

For more information about our strategic goals

Download our 2019-2020 Strategic Plan

Our goals

Our History

Playgroup has a long and credible history as one of Australia’s largest civil society movements. The Playgroup movement has been providing and supporting playgroups for more than 45 years through volunteerism and the outreach work of each state and territory organisation.

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