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There are thousands of local playgroups throughout Australia. Local playgroups are set up by parents and caregivers in their local neighbourhood. State and territory playgroup organisations (our member organisations) provide valuable support to local playgroups through assistance with venues, insurance and play ideas.

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Families share common experiences

The common factor to playgroups is that the people attending are raising – or helping to raise – children. Yet playgroups have popped up in different areas of Australia specifically for people with other common experiences. There are playgroups for grandparents, asylum-seekers, remote locations, and for those from particular cultural backgrounds.

If a local playgroup isn’t already available in your neighbourhood, you can start your own playgroup.

Start a playgroup

There is a playgroup organisation in every state and territory to help you set up a new playgroup if a local playgroup isn’t already available in your neighbourhood.

Visit our member organisations or free call 1800 171 882.

“Another benefit of having a multicultural playgroup is that most families are able to share similar experiences of settling in a new country and share information with each other.”

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