Our History

The Playgroup movement has been providing and supporting playgroups for more than 45 years through volunteerism and the outreach work of each state and territory organisation. Our Members ensure young children along with their parents or caregivers can access quality playgroups nationwide.

Supporting playgroups for 45 years

Playgroup has a long and credible history as one of Australia’s largest civil society movements.

“Playgroup helped me through many times in my life, most of all it helped me find my ‘brave key’, one that I would need for many years to come.”

Parent, playgroup member

Prior to 1984 Playgroup Australia was called the “Playgroup Council” and operated with volunteer assistance only. Today Playgroup Australia employs a CEO and small staff team who work to promote playgroup models; support playgroups to provide benefits to all children, parents and caregivers; serve our Members; and speak up for the importance of playgroup in the community.  Playgroups have been part of the Australian community for more than 45 years and collectively are one Australia’s largest volunteer organisations. Find out more about our history and some of our achievements in our publication: 40 Years of Playgroup: Celebrating Our Story of Connecting Communities

Australia’s largest volunteer organisations