The value of playgroup

Baby with dummy sitting on ground

Playgroups are beneficial for children, families and communities.

Play provides all children with the opportunity to learn, experience, investigate and interact with the environment. During play children create meaning from the world around them. It offers the child experiences to think, plan, create, do and find out.

Families are children’s first educators

For years, playgroup has empowered parents and encouraged them to recognise the role they play in their child’s development. Playgroup allows parents to take time out of a busy life, to slow down and enjoy playing with their child, to watch and delight in the amazing steps their child takes while making sense of the world around them.

For children the quality of their early relationships with trusted adults provides the framework for their development and learning.

Simply by being a part of a playgroup, children can experience these benefits.

Did you know?

Research shows children who attend playgroup are less likely to be developmentally vulnerable when they start school (2012 Australian Early Development Census).

Playgroups strengthen communities

The sense of community that results in participation in a playgroup promotes feelings of belonging and connectedness. This has been shown to have a positive effect on children’s and family mental health.

Given parents set up and run local playgroups, they benefit from development opportunities and greater community connection.

Community playgroups make a unique contribution to Australian society – and have done so for more than 40 years.

“It is good for them [my children] to learn how to play together, share things and to learn with their friends. I think that going to playgroup helps children, especially before they go to kindergarten and school.”

Early intervention

The early years are crucial to a child’s development.

When facing parenting challenges, isolation or development issues, playgroup can be a valuable source of support.

For families with young children who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or who present with ASD-like characteristics, PlayConnect is a facilitated playgroup specifically designed to provide extra support.

There is evidence to support the value of playgroups. Find out more in our 40 Years of Playgroup: Celebrating Our Story of Connecting Communities.