About us

Dad and daughter enjoying musical play

Playgroup Australia is the national peak and representative body for playgroups in Australia.

Our member organisations are the state and territory playgroup organisations across Australia who collectively represent playgroups across 80% of postcodes in Australia.

Playgroup Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that relies on community and member organisation support, as well as Australian Government funding.

Any funds raised by, or on behalf of, the organisation are re-invested into playgroup promotion and activities.

Our purpose

Playgroup Australia:

  • coordinates national activities and resources
  • advocates for playgroups nationally
  • provides a regular forum for exchange of ideas and information between member organisations
  • provides a national voice for playgroups
  • promotes access to playgroup for all parents and carers with young children.

The playgroup movement

Playgroup Australia and its member organisations have been delivering playgroups for more than 40 years. After the surf lifesaving movement, playgroup is the second largest civil society movement in Australia. Our history is embedded in the very fabric of Australia’s family and community culture.

As a movement, playgroups sit across a broad range of government agendas and portfolios including health, education, early childhood, social inclusion, and family and community services.

The strength of the playgroup movement is dependent on the strength of local playgroups, our member organisations and the national body.

Young boy playing soccer

We each play a different role in ensuring that local playgroups expand and evolve as places where children are nurtured, parents are supported and communities are created and sustained.

“Playgroup helped me through many times in my life, most of all it helped me find my ‘brave key’, one that I would need for many years to come.”

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