Election Asks 2019

This election Playgroup Australia calls for all parliamentarians to prioritise investment in national policy agendas, funding for playgroup and more research into what works for children and families.

Playgroup Priorities

Playgroup Australia Policy Priorities

National Policy Child Wellbeing

Playgroup Australia calls for this strategy to value play as a fundamental right of all children and to adequately resource playgroup as a vital building block of child, family and community wellbeing.

Early Years Strategy Including Playgroups

Playgroup Australia proposes that the policy will need to enshrine the importance of play-based learning; parent understanding of child development; and the important role of parents’ skill and involvement in play within home and community settings, as well as in early childhood settings.

Boost Community Playgroups

Playgroup Australia proposes an additional 15 Playgroup Development and Support officers, along with funding for central support and coordination, across the country would enable Playgroup STOs to fill the gaps in regional Australia and work closely to develop, support, sustain and grow more playgroups

Supported Communities

Playgroup Australia proposes a national supported playgroups program which includes supported playgroups which benefit vulnerable and disadvantaged children, carers, aging and segregated communities.

Investing in Evidence Base

Playgroup Australia supports the calls by ARACY for more and better data about children, including about playgroup, and a national survey of parenting practices and beliefs.

Election Strategy

Ensuring good family and child outcomes requires an integrated policy and program response which values and supports the role of the family as the basic unit of social capital and the role of play in achieving significant developmental outcomes for children.

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