Benefits and Importance

Intergenerational Play Benefits Include:


  • Learn through play
  • Develop social and language skills
  • Empathy, gentleness, respect and acceptance of others
  • Experience unbounded love
  • Patience and concentration
  • Experience interactions with elderly people


  • Extension of family
  • Develop social acceptance and appreciation for life
  • Make friends and build relationships across generations
  • Feel connected to their community
  • Feel valued as a parent

Older Australians

  • Feel valued as a ‘resource’ to young families
  • Connect (or reconnect) with extended family or other families within the local community
  • Break down feelings of isolation associated with aging
  • Increase their sense of self-esteem through meaningful relationships and offering their knowledge to a new generation of parents
  • Regain a sense of respect and value to their community
  • Improvements in wellbeing

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