Ageless Play
Intergenerational Playgroups for All Ages

“While Grandparents add to children’s lives, children add to their Grandparents lives too. Many older people say that keeping up with their grandchildren keeps them young.”

Lifting Spirits

Ageless Play or Intergenerational Play is fast becoming a popular move for childcare centres and aged care programs bridging the growing gap amoungst generations. Playgroup Australia endeavours to drive change and bring people from all walks of life together to create a village through play.

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The Importance of Play

Intergenerational playgroups offer all ages an opportunity to re-explore the child in us, and rebuild connections across all generations. Children offer a warm reminder of just how special life is, how quickly it changes and how fleeting moments are. We can learn a lot through sharing a childlike eagerness to explore, a curiosity to create, and an appetite to learn simply through playing, problem solving and lingering in our daily discoveries.

Through playgroup activities, children are encouraged to navigate and engage with their social surroundings, while learning empathy, acceptance and unbounded love through the interactions they share. While parents are reminded to slow down and appreciate the world through children’s eyes, and to rediscover the bonds of family through relationships with older generations. For the elderly, the benefits of actively engaging with younger generations renews a sense of self-worth and improves mood, allowing them to forget for a moment their lost abilities and share the enjoyment of play.

Research has long shown benefits to mood, memory and physical health through music, physical activity and creative exploration.

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For the Young & Young at Heart

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.” 

Playwright – George Bernard Shaw