Community playgroups

Community playgroups have been operating across Australia for over 40 years.

Community playgroups are parent-led and community driven. They are a uniquely Australian volunteer model that is an expression of civil society at work. Community playgroups are not a traditional service, but rather a community of people linked by common interests and collective activity.

The value of the playgroup model – including the importance of recognising parents as first teachers and learning through play – remains steadfast in the minds of families, communities and service providers across the nation.

Community playgroups are supported through Australian Government funding under the Families and Communities Programme.

What happens at playgroup?

Mother and children on picnic rug

Community playgroups provide an opportunity for groups of parents, grandparents or carers, with an ongoing shared experience and common concerns to connect while the children play.

Why do people join playgroup?

Parents and carers join a community playgroup for the opportunity for their child to play with other children, for support for their parenting or simply to talk and be with other parents at similar stages in their family cycle. The cost of joining a playgroup is usually within reach of most parents or carers. Concessions are generally available for families experiencing financial hardship.

Community playgroups help to ease the sense of isolation so common among those caring for young children.

“Going to playgroup straight from mothers’ groups is definitely good. The kids all know each other and get excited to see each other. They get all the different toys to play with. And because nine of us were first-time mums, they didn’t have siblings to play with at home.”

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