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Central to playgroup are families, and we want to ensure that every playgroup meets your unique and wonderful needs, abilities, wants and more.

The NDIS has awarded Playgroup Australia with funding to create the next generation of inclusive, all abilities play, but we can’t do it without your experience and support.

Together, we believe every child deserves the right to play!

In order to make that possible, we are working with existing disability services and families in the community to establish Play and Learn Supported (PALS) playgroups. These will be mixed ability playgroups delivering play-based activities that support cultural identity, creative arts, sport and recreation. PALS will be co-designed for families of children aged 0–5, both with and without disabilities.

PALS will be supported by existing community service partnerships to deliver playgroup activities that bring children and families of all abilities together to connect, build awareness and foster inclusive communities.

Like all playgroups, PALS playgroups will provide a safe, welcoming, adaptable environment where families of all abilities feel comfortable to connect, as well as be supported by targeted community programs.

PALS playgroups will start in early 2021 and will continue being developed over the next 3 years. We would love your feedback on what activities you and your child/ren would be most interested in.

Every child deserves the right to play

Play and Learn Supported Playgroups


PALS playgroups will run just like community playgroups but through partnerships with existing community groups. Through play-based programs, children (0–6) will be encouraged to explore their abilities and build social skills, while parents and caregivers will be able to connect with other families and services in their communities.


PALS playgroups will work with a facilitator and families to establish regular community activities for children together with their parents and caregivers. By collaborating with existing services established to support all abilities play, we will provide quality play-based experiences that can respond to children’s needs from birth to transitioning to school.


Inclusive play helps children recognise and respond appropriately to disability within their own families and in the community. This supports early childhood identity, breaks down social barriers and supports development across the early childhood framework. Through shared experiences, playgroups foster values of respect and care towards others, and helps highlight every child’s potential.

Raising the next generation through play!

“Play is how our kids learn and grow, and it’s so important that everybody is included in play.”

– Carol McGlinn

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