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Playgroup Australia has taken playgroups online to continue creating a village through play.

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Playgroup at Home

Playgroup at Home is a national playgroup initiative which invites families, playgroup volunteers, children’s educators, entertainers and authors to share ideas for play, health and wellbeing, and to support opportunities to reduce the impact of isolation across our community.

Together, we can create a safe and engaging space where everyone can play, share, connect and grow. Join your local Playgroup at Home community on facebook and discover inspiration for craft, imaginative play, outdoor play, physical play, sensory play, literacy and numeracy, health and wellbeing, and much more. Discover your Playgroup at Home village.

Learning together through play

Play-based learning experiences provided both at playgroup and within the home environment support children’s development of letter and number skills, which are essential life skills. Children’s everyday experiences are full of opportunities to explore and learn about letters and numbers.

So, while you may not be a perfect speller or a mathematician, there are endless opportunities for you to involve children right from birth, through everyday experiences that contribute to their understanding of literacy and numeracy concepts that will prepare them for their transition to school and life ahead. 

Through experiences as playgroup we seek to highlight to parents and caregivers how everyday interactions they already have with children, no matter how simple, are in-fact incredibly valuable, teachable moments. This month we celebrate all the things parents and caregivers do, as well as support additional learning opportunities through play.  

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Children love helping out around the kitchen. Seeing and experiencing difference ingredients, and following a recipe helps children understand and recognise numbers, quantity, weight and measurement. Cooking is a huge part of life at home, and a wonderful opportunity to connect, learn and experiment through play with you – their favourite teacher!

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Dramatic play or recreation of familiar daily experiences help children make sense of their world and understanding of events. Play that explores spoken language, text, images and objects help link everything together, and is a wonderful way to expand on what children already know, as well as build on their independence and early connections to literacy.

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Learning together through play!

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