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Playgroup Australia has taken playgroups online to continue creating a village through play.

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Playgroup at Home

Playgroup at Home is a national playgroup initiative which invites families, playgroup volunteers, children’s educators, entertainers and authors to share ideas for play, health and wellbeing, and to support opportunities to reduce the impact of isolation across our community.

Together, we can create a safe and engaging space where everyone can play, share, connect and grow. Join your local Playgroup at Home community on facebook and discover inspiration for craft, imaginative play, outdoor play, physical play, sensory play, literacy and numeracy, health and wellbeing, and much more. Discover your Playgroup at Home village.

Little Scientists

Children are natural scientists, they explore, wonder and are curious about the world in which they live. Encouraging children’s curiosity supports them to develop skills such as problem solving, discovery, prediction, exploration and investigation. Science is all around us. The world is a fascinating place providing wonderful opportunities for investigation, exploration and discovery.

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20 Days of Play by Playgroup Victoria

Share joyful ideas for everyday play that can be done at home, in the back garden or at the local park. Join the fun and share along with our playgroup village online!

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