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Playgroup Australia has taken playgroups online to continue creating a village through play.

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Playgroup at Home

Playgroup at Home is a national playgroup initiative which invites families, playgroup volunteers, children’s educators, entertainers and authors to share ideas for play, health and wellbeing, and to support opportunities to reduce the impact of isolation across our community.

Together, we can create a safe and engaging space where everyone can play, share, connect and grow. Join your local Playgroup at Home community on facebook and discover inspiration for craft, imaginative play, outdoor play, physical play, sensory play, literacy and numeracy, health and wellbeing, and much more. Discover your Playgroup at Home village.

Raising children who care about the world around them

Want to raise your children to be an advocate for the world and environment we share? It all starts at playgroup! Through sustainable play at playgroup we provide the tools and understanding of how together, small decisions can make a world of difference.

So how can you promote sustainability:

  • walk or ride to the shops, park or playgroup instead of driving
  • model and encourage children to turn off lights and water when not needed
  • involve children in squashing cardboard boxes ready for recycling
  • place pictures on different bins at playgroup and at home to help children sort waste and recycling
  • start a vegie patch to help children learn about fresh produce, food preparation and lifecycles
  • save food scraps for chicken feed or composting

Incorporating sustainability into children’s everyday life helps them learn about respecting and caring for their environment.

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