About the Project

We are bringing together into one powerful declaration, all the evidence of the role playgroups play in creating a village through play. The most important part of that evidence is the stories you share highlighting the difference playgroup has made to you. While we know you love to play, playgroup is so much more than that. Help us bring playgroup stories to life so together we can make a difference for future generations.
The Importance of Play

Declaration on Playgroup

As part of developing a National Declaration on Playgroup, Playgroup Australia along with our National Advisory Group, are seeking stories past and present. Your voices, alongside traditional research will form a strong evidence base for playgroup, and support our ongoing advocacy for children and families.


  1. Raise the voice of playgroup children 
  2. Activate community understanding and highlight the value of playgroup 
  3. Gather stories of impact of playgroup participation 
  4. Gather existing evidence, artefacts etc., about the impact of playgroup that may contribute to the literature review. 
  5. The consultation will: 
    1. Inform development of the declaration; and 
    2. Provide material that can be used to promote the declaration 

“There is no replacement for connecting face to face, allowing children to develop social skills and interactions in a supportive environment. Friendships begin through cups of tea and sharing picnics, whilst children explore and discover themselves, each other and the world around them.” – Playgroup parent, Victoria

Help spread the word

Encourage your friends and families to share their playgroup stories.