What we’re looking for?

We’re looking for your stories. Tell us about your highlights, the benefits, the opportunities, why you joined and why you stayed at playgroup. Your stories will help us advocate for greater investment in playgroup and other community programs.

Your Submissions

Choose the category that best describes you, and use the content guides below to create and share your stories.

Children and Current Families

  • Name and age of child/ren, or your name
  • State and postcode where you live
  • Type of playgroup
  • Share your stories in pictures, photos, videos or words
  • Tell us what you value, would change (if anything), and how you and your family have benefitted from attending playgroup

Past Playgroup Participants

  • Your name
  • State and postcode where you attended
  • Type of playgroup
  • Share your memories in pictures, photos, videos or words
  • What did you value most, what would you change (if anything)
  • If and how you feel you have benefitted from attending playgroup

Organisation Stories

  • Name of Organisation
  • State and postcode of playgroup
  • Community impact and value stories
  • What brings people to your playgroups
  • If and how you evaluate the benefits in your community

PLEASE NOTE our privacy policy below which describes how we intend to use the stories you share with us.

Child safety is of utmost importance. When sharing content please ensure identifiable information is not included: This includes anything (in photos or videos) that may identify a home address or school where your children attend (uniforms or address).

Play Share Connect Grow

Why your stories matter

Stories like yours help pave the way for future generations! Playgroup is, and always has been, largely established for families by families. Together, we have grown as a national movement thanks to the support of community voices like yours. The more we play, share and connect, the more we can grow to ensure every child shares the right to play.

We’re in this together

Invite your friends and family to share

If you are still connected with friends from playgroup, or perhaps have extended family who currently attend or have attended in the past, maybe they run playgroups or have volunteered with us – please invite them to share.

Privacy Policy

For the purpose of this project, stories and attachments, including images, videos, written accounts and audio files may be displayed publicly on the Playgroup Australia Website and/or Social Media.
* Last names and postcode will not be publicly shared.
* You reserve the right to request content to be removed. Where able, Playgroup Australia will remove as soon as possible.
* Stories and information will be provided to state and territory playgroup organisations for information purposes only.
* Information collected from this survey will be used to inform the Declaration on Playgroup research project.

Privacy Policy